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Equine Emporium

Equi-Essentials Ergo Grip Groomer


Make grooming easier on you and more enjoyable for your horse with the Equi-Essentials Ergo Grip Curry Comb. 

Flexible nubs make this curry comb an excellent choice for horses who want all their "itchy spots" taken care of. The slightly arched construction allows the handler to easily hold the comb in their hand while the addition of the stretchy handle prevents slippage as you scratch, rub, and massage. Made of durable rubber, this curry comb is designed to last through years of grooming your favorite equine friend.

Key Features:

Durable Rubber Construction

Flexible Nubs 

Slightly Arched Construction for Better Grip

Elastic Handle Prevents Slippage

Equi-Essentials Ergo Grip Groomer