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Equine Emporium

DuraTech Stable Hand


Makes most barn and home chores a one person job

No need for someone to hold open bags that are being filled

Quickly and easily load shavings, hay bags and grain for show travel

Ideal for barn trash, yard work, recyclables, laundry and hay nets

Truly a must have for every home and barn

Black only

Measures: 25 1/2"L x 37 1/2"W or vice versa


Instructions: Roll the hay bag helper up insert it into the hay bag and let it expand. Holds any cloth hay bag or small holed hay net open and makes it free standing. Toss your hay in take the insert out and away you go. This can also be used in trash bags to fill shavings, grain, laundry, recyclables or trash. If the StableHand ever loses its ability to fully spring open, reverse roll once or twice.

DuraTech Stable Hand