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Equine Emporium

Canpressco Canadian Camelina Oil


Dosage: Equine: 30 ml given twice per day during or after meal times or 60 ml included in one meal Canine and Feline: 1 tsp/25 lbs per day Canpressco believes that every companion animal should benefit from a healthy, balanced diet and as an owner, you should understand where their food and supplements come from and how it is made. Our dedication to minimal processing lets the natural goodness of our Camelina Oil shine through, providing nourishing food for all your family members, including your four-legged ones. For passionate animal lovers, Canpressco Canadian Camelina Oil is the balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 supplement that allows you to maintain your animals health naturally because it’s a cold-pressed single ingredient oil. Sustainably grown by Canadian farmers committed to providing the highest quality, all natural foods from their family farms. Naturally better health!

Proper balance of Omega 3-6-9, vital to your animals health

Suitable for equine, canine and feline

Pure Omega 3 supplementation has been shown to improve the quality of their skin and hair coat, decrease joint pain in animals that suffer from arthritis, improve bone structure, help prevent ulcers, aid allergic hyperactivity, have anti-inflammatory effects, maintain weight and improve energy  

Contains natural Vitamin E which enables a 2 year shelf life to keep the product fresh

Canadian product, grown and pressed in Canada

Canpressco Canadian Camelina Oil