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Horse Care 101

There are many elements that go into providing the appropriate care and attention for your horse. At the most basic level, care of your horse can be broken into 4 categories:

1. Shelter
Ideally, your horse will have access to a barn for safety and to provide shelter from
inclement weather. At the very least, there should be a structure that provides protections from the elements when needed. You’ll also need a large pasture area. Horses need lots of room to roam! Fencing, dry areas for resting, and proper cleaning of stalls and stables are also important components of providing adequate shelter for your horse.

2. Food
Horses are large animals with large appetites! They need roughage in the form of either grass or hay, and in some instances, to be supplemented with grain. The amount they’ll need of any of the above is dependent on several factors; size, amount of exercise they get, current season and whether they spend a lot of time in stall or turned out. Access to a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water is also vital for maintaining the health of your horse.

3. Grooming
Horses require regular brushing to maintain their coat, mane, and tail as well as regular hoof care. At minimum, this needs to be done before riding however a good rule of thumb is to get into the habit of doing this daily. It will also help in building a stronger bond with your horse. We carry all the equipment you’ll need to properly groom your horse, our team at Equine Emporium are happy to help you find what you need and share our favourite recommendations with you! You’ll also want to arrange regular visits with a farrier to trim your horse’s hooves. Think of it like an equine pedicure.

4. Health & Wellness
There are many factors involved with ensuring the overall health &wellness of your horse. Regular exercise is necessary to keep your horse in tip top shape as are regular visits to the vet for vaccinations, dental care, and treatment of other ailments that may be causing issues. Having an equine first aid kit on hand and learning the basics of how and when to use the items are also helpful. Spending time with your horse each day also goes a long way for both of you in building a strong connection.

You’ll quickly learn that this is only the starting point for what’s involved in the care of a horse. There are other factors that may impact what your horse needs including their age, current health, and purpose. A horse that is mainly a family companion and used for recreational riding will have much different needs
than a workhorse or one used in competition. There are many resources online as well as various clinics, seminars, and books available to help you with what you need to know. If you need help, feel free to send us a message letting us know what you’re looking for or ask one of our knowledgeable staff next
time you’re in store.

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